After spending nearly a decade working on performance engines and EFI systems, Ben Strader started the world’s first motorsports-based training academy—EFI University—in 2003. Over the last 17 years, the courses Ben has developed have taught close to 10,000 people in dozens of countries to build and tune high performance engines and fuel injection systems. He is an expert in the theory and operation of the internal combustion engine and its related systems specializing in electronic engine management.

Ben has also worked as a performance tuner and consultant in nearly every venue of amateur and professional racing to include road race, off shore power boats, and even racing aircraft. He has worked for teams in NASCAR, NHRA Pro Stock and Pro Mod doing engine development and tuning work. Currently, Ben works on cutting edge engine development programs using the facility at EFI University to compliment the research and development efforts of major aftermarket companies, and also helps to evaluate the capabilities of new products and techniques before they are released to the public.