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Episode 37 – Featured Engine Build: Pushrods, Distance to Coil Bind and System Stiffness

December 1, 2022|

Lake & Joe are joined by Ben Strader & Billy Godbold to talk valvetrains, component upgrades, troubleshooting, and tips & tricks to boost engine performance.

Episode 38 – Featured Engine Build: Short Block Engine Assembly (Part 2)

December 4, 2022|

Picking up where they left off in episode 30, Lake Speed Jr and Jimmy Barton work through a few problems to finish the assembly of our boosted short block.

Episode 1 – Block Selection and Machining Considerations

March 4, 2021|

Hosts Joe Castello and Lake Speed, JR. welcome Andy Rottler and the viewing audience to the first Engine Performance Expo. Topics include a visit to Dart Machinery's manufacturing facility, a live Q&A on block selection with David Lewis and Robert Lewis of Roush-Yates Engines, and discussion on cylinder bore coating and sleeving with Jake Raby of Raby's Aircooled Technology.

Episode 4 – Surface Machining

March 25, 2021|

This episode is all about surface machining and includes a live head surfacing demo, a visit to Creason's Racing Engines in MO for tips on head surfacing, then up to Larry's Auto Machine in CT for a block surfacing demo. The episode closes with live Q&A with Larry Creason and Ed Kiebler of Rottler Mfg.

Episode 5 – Engine Builder Interview with Doug Yates of Roush Yates Engines

April 1, 2021|

In this episode we sit down with the legendary Doug Yates of Roush Yates Engines to talk NASCAR, the business of performance engine building, and take a couple trips down memory lane with a man who grew up with some of the most notable names in auto racing.

Episode 11 – Engine Lubrication System – Pumps, Pans, Clearances, Filters & More

May 13, 2021|

Episode 11 is all about Engine Lubrication System - Pumps, Pans, Clearances, Filters & More. We go to Melling Auto Parts for oil pump school and have live Q&A

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