Dyno & Spintron Testing

Expo 2021 – Episode 25: Engine Testing With the Spintron

Ben Strader of EFI University goes through the cost savings and advantages you get from engine testing on the Spintron before going to the dyno or the track

2023-10-30T09:45:47-07:00October 31, 2023|Dyno & Spintron Testing, Mini Series, Season 1|0 Comments

Engine Performance Expo 2023 – Episode 50 – Tech 101: Oil Level Dyno Test

Lake Speed Jr joins Ben Strader at EFI University to load our Expo LS engine on the dyno and test what the best oil level is for maximum horsepower production.

Episode 42 – Featured Engine Build: Break-in

Ben and Lake load the LS engine on the dyno and go through the oil and fuel and diagnostic steps for proper break-in before trying for the full boosted 1,000 HP

The Lost Episode – Ben Strader Dyno Tests EFI vs a Carb

During the inaugural Expo technical difficulties prevented Ben Strader's Holley carburetor vs a Holley throttle body EFI system. We found the missing footage!

Episode 29 – Ring End Gaps and Dyno Testing Do’s and Don’ts

This week it's setting ring end gaps with Total Seal's Lake Speed Jr, and dyno testing do's and don'ts with "dyno" Don Mac Askill of Shaver Racing Engines

2022-10-25T11:39:08-07:00September 16, 2021|Dyno & Spintron Testing, Mini Series, Season 1|0 Comments
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