Episode 42 – Featured Engine Build: Break-in

With the EFI installed on the LS, we return to EFI University where Lake Speed Jr and Ben Strader have loaded it onto the Dyno for break-in.

The pair walk through a checklist of options – oil, fuel, spark plug heat range, etc. – and how/why they’re choosing specific combinations to ensure the rings seat well and the engine breaks-in properly during the half dozen or so dyno pulls they’re going to do.

Along the way they discuss the tools they’re using, the tweaks and modifications they have to make, and what they’re going to monitor and measure so they ultimately know when the engine is “just right.”

Once they’re done with the dyno pulls and feel the engine is properly broken in, they take an oil sample and send it off to the lab for analysis.

The segment closes with Lake and Ben returning in studio to talk about the oil analysis results they got back from the lab (SpeedDiagnostix) and how that data lined up with what they saw back in the dyno room so they can make some final decisions before they try and get 1,000 HP from their boosted engine.

Episode originally aired live on January 14, 2022

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