Episode 51 – Procharger on the Dyno

2023-01-02T10:58:22-08:00January 6, 2023|Featured Engine Build, Mini Series, Season 2|1 Comment

In the 51st episode of the Expo, with the featured engine built, broken-in and the procharger installed, Lake Speed Jr returns to EFI University to join Ben Strader to put the boosted engine on the dyno and answer the big question asked in the first episode of Expo #2 in October of 2021: “can we make 1,000 HP?”

Watch and find out!

Episode originally aired live on January 14, 2022

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  1. […] the final segment we jump to EFI University where Lake and Ben re-visit their boosted engine from the Expo 2022 engine build and work on a solution for the sudden fuel pressure […]

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