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Expo 2023 – Episode 29 – Show Open & Hands-on Training Opportunities

Lake and Joe open Day 2 of Expo 2023 with a tease of the day's events and an announcement of new hands-on training programs available to Expo viewers

2023-04-24T10:05:37-07:00April 25, 2023|2023, Education & Careers, Mini Series|0 Comments

Episode 10 – Fulltime Schooling and a Career in Engine Building

In this episode, we look at careers in engine building, heading down to Houston to learn why "if you can put chips on the ground, you'll always have a career."

2022-10-25T11:45:35-07:00May 29, 2022|Education & Careers, Mini Series, Season 2|0 Comments

Episode 5 – Business Opportunities : Profit is Not a Dirty Word

Lake Speed Jr sits down with Chris Straub of Straub Technologies to talk about the secrets to running a successful shop in the engine building industry

2022-10-25T11:46:18-07:00April 17, 2022|Education & Careers, Mini Series, Season 2|0 Comments

Episode 31 – Closing Roundtable and Show Finale

In the final episode we sit down with our guests for a wrap-up of what we learned and share a few final thoughts from the three days of the first Expo event.

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