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Expo 2021 – Episode 9: Rotating Assembly & Balancing Machine Demo

CWT Industries’ Randy Neal walks host Joe Castello through a live demonstration of balancing the Expo engine's rotating assembly on CWT’s 5500 Multi-Bal machine

2023-09-14T09:24:30-07:00September 15, 2023|Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Season 1|0 Comments

Expo 2021 – Episode 8: Rotating Assembly & Balancing Considerations

We learn the concepts and proper techniques in balancing rotating assemblies, get a demo of cutting an aero wing camshaft profile, and close with a Q&A session

2023-09-11T09:18:32-07:00September 12, 2023|Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Season 1, Tech Features|0 Comments

Expo 2021 – Episode 7 Part 2: Cylinder Honing and Surface Considerations

In part 2 of this 3 part series we visit three master engine builders to learn how they approach cylinder honing and surafacing

2023-09-08T08:41:20-07:00September 8, 2023|Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Season 1|0 Comments

Expo 2023 – Episode 32 – Tech 101: Bore Geometry & Clamp Load

Rottler Manfacturing’s Ed Kiebler shows us why clamp load simulating what the cylinder experiences in the engine is key to honing the proper bore geometry

Episode 38 – Featured Engine Build: Short Block Engine Assembly (Part 2)

Picking up where they left off in episode 30, Lake Speed Jr and Jimmy Barton work through a few problems to finish the assembly of our boosted short block.

Episode 17 – Time is Money: Putting Tech and Automation to Work in the Shop

Lake Speed Jr talks with Chris Straub of Straub Technologies about using tech and automation to make your shop more efficient and profitable with fewer staff

2022-10-25T11:36:06-07:00July 17, 2022|Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Season 2|0 Comments
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