Expo 2024 – Episode 11: Seat & Guide Work with BES Racing Engines

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Rottler Manufacturing’s Ed Kiebler went to Guilford, IN, home of BES Racing Engines to sit down with Tony Bischoff and Darren Morgan and answer questions from the EP Expo audience about seat and guide work.

The guys talk about everything from the radius of cutting bits to the amount of press needed to seat a ring in cast iron versus aluminum – even when it’s better to not do seat and use a lead fuel additive instead.

Along the way, they also answer questions about recommended guide clearances, materials, and finishes, and how they vary by application. They also talk laying out intake tracks based on desired power and why getting it right on the intake side is so much more important than the exhaust.

Finally, the pair talks about shop-level basics like how to choose a grinder (and how to hold it so you don’t get killed), why matching shape to contour is important in a lollipop cutter, and why 60 grit is easy choice when it’s time to sand roll.

A great segment worth watching a couple of times!

(Segment originally aired live on January 11, 2024)

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