Expo 2024 – Episode 35: Lifter Bore Indexing

2024-05-09T10:21:23-07:00May 10, 2024|2024, Machining How-to's, Mini Series|0 Comments

For episode 35 we head down to the shop floor at CNC Blockworks where Embry Harrick is joined by Ryan Thompson from Rottler Manufacturing to talk about the hows and whys of lifter bore indexing.

With an LS block loaded on a Rottler F69A CNC, Embry walks us through his process for prepping a block for fitting keywayed lifter bushings.

Starting with plugging the blueprint specs into the machine, through measurement and tooling choices for the final press fitting of the bushings, he reveals how he helps build engines that produce more horsepower and run longer and harder than others.

(Segment originally aired live on January 12, 2024)

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