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Expo 2024 – Episode 39: How Much Power Can You Gain w/o Changing the Camshaft or Cylinder Heads?

How much power can you gain without changing camshafts or cylinder heads? Lake Speed Jr answers that with a 20-year-old Ford C3 engine from his dad’s garage.

Expo 2024 – Episode 33: Camshafts Mods for Boost vs NA

For this episode we head back to EFI University for a class on using engine data to make camshaft mods for boosted engines versus naturally aspirated ones

Expo 2024 – Episode 25: How-To – Finding & Fixing Fuel Dilution via Oil Analysis

This episode is all about how to use oil analysis to ID sources of engine wear and the tips & tricks pros use the info to reduce it and improve performance

2024-04-04T10:36:56-07:00April 5, 2024|2024, Mini Series, Tech Features|0 Comments

Expo 2024 – Episode 20: Super Stock Hemi Cylinder Head Porting

BES Racing’s Darin Morgan delivers a deep dive master class on the tools, tips, and tricks of porting and building race-winning Super Stock Hemi engines

2024-03-21T11:16:58-07:00March 19, 2024|2024, Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Tech Features|1 Comment

Expo 2024 – Episode 14: Software to Make Balancing Easy

Joe and Lake are joined by Randy Neal of CWT Industries for a short segment on using software and tech to take the time and hassle out of balancing crankshafts.

2024-02-26T10:01:22-08:00February 27, 2024|2024, Mini Series, Spotlight, Tech Features|0 Comments

Expo 2024 – Episode 5: Manifold Runner Length Testing

We head out to EFI University to see what happens to engine performance when we swap manifold runners of different lengths on a stock Ford Godzilla engine

Expo 2021 – Episode 39: Assembly Tips & Tricks (Part 2)

Jon Kaase joins Lake Speed Jr and Joe Castello for an entertaining Q&A with the audience. Then we go through modifying a Chevy LS production block for racing

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