Expo 2024 – Episode 25: How-To – Finding & Fixing Fuel Dilution via Oil Analysis

2024-04-04T10:36:56-07:00April 5, 2024|2024, Mini Series, Tech Features|0 Comments

This episode is all about how to use oil analysis to reduce engine wear and improve performance.

The segment begins at EFI University where Ben Strader and Lake Speed Jr have the Expo engine on the dyno. First they run it naturally aspirated (NA), then they run it boosted, taking oil samples after each run to send to the lab.

Then we jump back to Lake’s office where he walks through the test results and explains how different oil viscosities affect the wear of various engine parts. He also explains why more fuel equates to more fuel dilution and reduced oil viscosity.

Following the results, the segment returns to the Expo studio where Lake is joined by Billy Godbold to talk about the tricks the pros use to reduce the most common problem — fuel contamination – and boost performance while reducing engine wear by as much as 2/3rds.

(Segment originally aired live on January 12, 2024)

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