Expo 2024 – Episode 39: How Much Power Can You Gain w/o Changing the Camshaft or Cylinder Heads?

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How much power can you gain without changing camshafts or cylinder heads?

Lake Speed Jr answers that question with the 20-year-old Ford C3 engine from his dad’s garage that we’ve been working on throughout Expo 2024 (see episode 1, episode 13, and episode 19).

After fixing some scuffed pistons (and replacing 3), and giving the block a new hone at Straub Technologies, Lake took the engine down to PME Engines in Moorseville, NC. There they re-assembled the engine with the original valvetrain — same heads, cranks, rods, cams, rockers & springs, etc. – and ran it on the dyno to see what it would do.

Then, leaving everything else alone, they swapped the carburetor and fuel and ran it again to see what happens.

The results were surprising – and definitely worth remembering if you’re looking for easy ways to make big power.

Segment originally aired live on January 12, 2024

(Note: Thanks to Rottler Manufacturing, Total Seal, Get’M Performance, and VP Racing Fuels, who also provided assistance for this segment.)

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