Expo 2024 – Episode 5: Manifold Runner Length Testing

2024-01-25T10:21:03-08:00January 26, 2024|2024, Dyno & Spintron Testing, Mini Series, Tech Features|0 Comments

For this segment we headed out to EFI University in Arizona to load a stock Ford Godzilla engine on the dyno and see what happens to the performance when we swap out different length manifold runners.

First, EFI’s Ben Strader explains what happens inside the manifold as the engine runs and how the runner length affects horsepower. Then, using the dyno, he shows us what the engine does with a 100% stock configuration before swapping the stock runners for shorter and then longer runners from innoV8 Race Engines (via Brian Wolfe at Willis Performance).

The results are surprising.

Definitely a great segment for those looking for significant performance gains without having to tear the engine apart.

(Segment originally aired live on January 11, 2024)

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