Expo 2024 – Episode 29: Balancing with Jimmy Barton

In this segment CWT IndustriesRandy Neal takes us to Morrisville, North Carolina, home of Jimmy Barton’s Custom Performance Engines to take a deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of balancing.

Randy and Jimmy run through the basics of balancing and why it’s necessary, and how to eliminate guesswork when it comes to getting the balance right (as well as what happens when you don’t). We also get some great tips on everything from how to keep your Mallory metal in place to why you should never grind modern piston rods.

Along the way, we hear a few stories on how Jimmy had to learn some things the hard way, and why these days he won’t assemble an engine without balancing (nor should you).

(Segment originally aired live on January 12, 2024)

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