Expo 2024 – Episode 7: Let’s Talk Diesel with Jeremy Wagler & Wagler Competition Products

For episode 7, Rottler Manufacturing’s Ryan Thompson headed out to Odon, Indiana to see Jeremy Wagler of Wagler Competition Products and talk performance diesel.

The pair talk about Wagler’s start in the business, first repairing small engines before moving on to autos, and eventually settling into diesel engines for trucks and tractors. Wagler reveals how he designed his first aftermarket part – a Duramax cylinder head – before starting Wagler Competition Products in 2011 and moving on to design a broad range of parts like connecting rods and roller lifters for Duramax as well as Cummins and Ford diesels.

Wagler also talks about buying a drag strip and starting a now thriving vocational school where students develop skills in welding, CNC machining, computer aided manufacturing, and commercial truck driving so they can go out and land good paying jobs when leave.

For the second half of the segment, we returned to the Expo studios for a roundtable discussion with Chris Straub, Cass Choate and Chuck Lynch on the advancements in diesel and how technology is taking the industry to new levels of performance and efficiency.

(Segment originally aired live on January 11, 2024)

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