Expo 2023 – Episode 08 – Advance Tech Feature: Spintron

2023-02-23T11:03:51-08:00February 17, 2023|2023, Dyno & Spintron Testing, Mini Series|1 Comment

This episode is an advanced technology feature on troubleshooting with the Spintron.

We head back to EFI University (Youtube: @EFIUniversity1) to see Ben Strader and the featured engine we built back in the 2022 Expo. Ben moved the engine to the Spintron to validate the valve problems identified on the dyno (valve lift max is peaking too high causing mechanism to bend and bounce as it hits the seat).

Ben walks us through the initial diagnostics from the Spintron and how to troubleshoot by isolating components, replacing them, and testing again to verify whether the issue has been fixed, moved somewhere else, or made worse.

It’s an excellent master class in using the Spintron to identify issues, developing a methodology for working through component replacements and re-testing to pinpoint problems, with the goal of ultimately correcting mechanical issues that hamper engine performance.

Episode originally aired on January 13, 2023

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