Expo 2023 – Episode 03 – Leak Down Testing

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In episode three Lake and Ben return to EFI University and the boosted engine from the 2022 Expo. After taking the engine from 1,000 HP to 1,300 HP (1,317 to be precise) on the dyno, the guys are going to take a step back and analyze the engine (reverse blueprinting) to see if there’s anything they can improve.

Their first step after a visual analysis is to check the engine’s cylinder health via leak down testing – measuring out how much pressure is lost between air entering and exiting the cylinder – which is the quick and easy way to see how the rings held up before you start pulling the cylinders.

The guys go through leak down tool setup, talk about some shortcuts and best practices (e.g., pull the rocker arms first), and give you some tips they’ve gathered from the best racers in the world.

(This is the leak down tool the guys use: https://www.totalseal.com/tools/leak-down-tester)

Episode originally aired live on January 13, 2023

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