Expo 2023 – Episode 50 – Tech 101: Oil Level Dyno Test

Lakes Speed Jr heads back to EFI University to see Ben Strader and talk oil – specifically the four “R”s of oil: the Right Oil, the Right Place, the Right Time, and, the Right Amount.

But if you’ve figured out the oil and where and when it needs to be, how do you know what the “Right Amount” is?

To answer the question, the guys load the Expo LS engine on the dyno and run some tests to see what the right amount is, and what the effect of too much or two little is on horsepower production.

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  1. […] up from where they left off after the oil level on the dyno test in episode 50, Lake speed Jr and Ben Strader head back in-studio where they’re joined by Charles Navarro of LN […]

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