Troy LaCrone had his first street race when he was 14 years old, 1984. He in his 1969 Camaro against what at that time was the fastest car in town. He won.

Upon high school graduation, Troy enlisted in the US Army. He served for 5 years and is a highly decorated veteran that spent the duration in Operation Desert Storm in 1990/91. After his enlistment, Troy has enjoyed a career in various manufacturing operations working his way up over time. Currently, he is the President and CEO of a terrific manufacturing company that makes injection molded plastics for numerous industries.

Racing remains and always has been his passion. He has made two Hot Rod Magazine Drag week appearances, finishing 3rd and 2nd. You can also find him Grudge Racing at Outlaw Style formats. He raced Lee Roberts on the Memphis Street Outlaws season premier and won. He then proceeded to take down JJbaBoss himself.

“I put a move on him that will haunt him for life.” I also lost $5,000 to JJ at an airport race the year before, making the ultimate victory that much sweeter. He has also raced his oppontents with a car he can drive across the country. Not many can say the same.

Troy’s team and car are called Blue Madness 2.0, and he says they’re among the best there are and he is truly blessed to have them in his camp. Racing remains his passion to this day and, based on his results, his future is bright.