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Expo 2021 – Episode 1: Block Selection & Machining Considerations

Revisiting our first Expo in 2021, we head to Dart Machinery to select our engine block for our featured engine build, then it's back in studio for live Q&A

2023-12-22T08:22:12-08:00August 18, 2023|Featured Engine Build, Mini Series, Season 1|0 Comments

Expo 2023 – Episode 54 – Featured Engine Build: Valvetrain RPM Limits

Lake and Ben go back to EFI University and our Expo engine build to try and solve the valve float problem they’re running into at 8100 RPM

2023-07-10T11:56:11-07:00July 11, 2023|2023, Featured Engine Build, Mini Series|0 Comments

Episode 37 – Featured Engine Build: Pushrods, Distance to Coil Bind and System Stiffness

Lake & Joe are joined by Ben Strader & Billy Godbold to talk valvetrains, component upgrades, troubleshooting, and tips & tricks to boost engine performance.

2022-11-30T12:19:36-08:00December 1, 2022|Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions, Season 2|0 Comments
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