Expo 2023 – Episode 29 – Show Open & Hands-on Training Opportunities

2023-04-24T10:05:37-07:00April 25, 2023|2023, Education & Careers, Mini Series|

Lake and Joe open Day 2 of Expo 2023 with a tease of the day's events and an announcement of new hands-on training programs available to Expo viewers

Episode 4 – Surface Machining

2022-11-30T12:37:07-08:00March 25, 2021|Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Season 1|

This episode is all about surface machining and includes a live head surfacing demo, a visit to Creason's Racing Engines in MO for tips on head surfacing, then up to Larry's Auto Machine in CT for a block surfacing demo. The episode closes with live Q&A with Larry Creason and Ed Kiebler of Rottler Mfg.

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