Expo 2024 – Day 1 Replay

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Day 1 Session Schedule

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Timecode Subject
00:00:00 Show Open
00:02:03 Project Pontiac
00:12:09 Fixing a Scuffed Cylinder
00:19:09 Hands on Honing Class
00:31:01 Diesel Valvetrain
00:40:07 Brian Tooley Interview
01:11:20 Manifold Runner Length Testing
01:24:09 State of the Industry Roundtable – Flat Tappet Camshafts
01:44:46 Let’s Talk Diesel – Jeremy Wagler & Wagler Competition Products
02:17:00 Block Sleeving with Matthew Hussey
02:41:00 Blow By Meters with Ben Strader & Lake Speed Jr
02:46:15 Surface Finish Whiteboard Session with Mark Malburg & Billy Godbold
03:21:34 Seat & Guide Work with BES Racing Engines
04:02:37 Legends of Pro Stock Interview: Mike Valerio
04:36:23 Choosing The Correct Abrasives To Create A Plateau Hone
04:49:15 Software For Making Balancing Easy
05:04:25 The Engine Builder Hall of Fame Induction (Day 1)
06:05:25 Balancing – 3 Things You Should Never Do
06:24:30 Interview – Ed Morel
06:57:10 Jon Kaase, Keith Dorton, Billy Godbold, Cass Choate Closing Roundtable

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