Expo 2024 – Day 2 Replay

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Day 2 Session Schedule

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Timecode Subject
00:10:03 Day 2 Show Open
00:10:03 Getting Lake Speed Sr Back On The Track
00:13:58 Cylinder Head Porting with Darren Morgan
00:59:37 Resumption of Cylinder Head Porting with Darren Morgan after the technical difficulties
01:06:50 Keith Dorton, Automotive Specialists Roundtable
01:24:05 Chevy R07 Line Boring
01:41:55 Rottler Open House Roundtable
01:53:37 Diesel Discussion
02:14:45 Finding & Fixing Fuel Dilution Via Used Oil Analysis
02:29:50 Proper Cylinder Head & Deck Surface Finish For Modern Gaskets
02:57:08 Interview with Jason Line
03:11:30 Engine Pro Product Spotlight
03:16:52 Interview with Jimmy Barton
03:46:03 Hidden Horsepower with Mark Vieau
04:16:12 How To Operate A Machine Shop Today
04:31:20 Roundtable Discussion: Engine Design vs Engine Development
05:00:52 Camshafts for Boost vs NA – Engine Performance Expo LS Engine – New Year, New Cam
05:36:24 Engine Builder Hall of Fame Inductions (Day 2)
06:37:46 Lifter Bore Indexing
06:51:07 Hidden Horsepower with Darren Morgan
07:02:45 The Day After: What Happens To Your Surface Finish After Break-In
07:11:10 Project Pontiac Update
07:19:02 How Much Power Can You Gain WITHOUT Changing The Camshaft or Cylinder Heads?
07:25:17 Engine Pro Spotlight
07:31:46 Final Roundtable & Wrap-up

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