Engine Builder Hall of Fame

If you watched last year’s Engine Performance Expo, then you probably caught Lake Speed Jr’s announcement of the Engine Builder Hall of Fame. This year we’re pleased to announce the inaugural induction ceremony honoring the engine builders who laid the groundwork for our industry today!

On Thursday, January 11th at 3pm Eastern, we’ll announce the first two classes of inductees: pre-World War II members and WWII-to-1955 members. Then, on Friday, January 12th at 3pm, we’ll announce the next four classes of inductees, which will take us from 1955 to 1999.

It’s guaranteed to be an exciting and emotional event, and you’re invited to attend! Both ceremonies will be broadcast live from Expo 2024, so you can watch in-person, from our website, or our YouTube Channel. Just make sure you’re registered either via the website, or you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel to participate in this momentous event!

To watch online or attend in person here, click here.

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