Season 4 of the Engine Performance Expo (aired in 2024)

Expo 2024 – Episode 29: Balancing with Jimmy Barton

Randy Neal takes us to Morrisville, North Carolina, home of Jimmy Barton’s Custom Performance Engines to take a deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of balancing.

Expo 2024 – Episode 26: How-To: Proper Deck Surface for Modern Gaskets

Chuck Lynch, Ryan Thompson and Matt Hussey deliver a master class on everything you need to know about deck surfacing for modern MLS head gaskets

2024-04-11T12:13:08-07:00April 9, 2024|2024, Machining How-to's, Mini Series|0 Comments

Expo 2024 – Episode 25: How-To – Finding & Fixing Fuel Dilution via Oil Analysis

This episode is all about how to use oil analysis to ID sources of engine wear and the tips & tricks pros use the info to reduce it and improve performance

2024-04-04T10:36:56-07:00April 5, 2024|2024, Mini Series, Tech Features|0 Comments

Expo 2024 – Episode 23: Roundtable: Let’s Talking Tooling & Fixtures

We sit down for a roundtable conversation on tooling and fixtures, and eliminating the gap between what we assume is correct and what it actually is correct.

2024-03-28T11:36:59-07:00March 29, 2024|2024, Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions|0 Comments

Expo 2024 – Episode 22: Chevy R07 Line Boring

We return to Automotive Specialists Racing Engines to see a NASCAR R07 block line bored on a Rottler F69A. Then it's back in-studio to talk careers in the biz.

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