Expo 2024 – Episode 23: Roundtable: Let’s Talking Tooling & Fixtures

2024-03-28T11:36:59-07:00March 29, 2024|2024, Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions|0 Comments

For this segment we traveled out to Rottler Manufacturing’s HQ in Kent, WA where we sat down with Rottler’s Ryan Thompson, Keith Dorton, CWT Industries’ Randy Neal and Mahle’s Dan Begle for a conversation about using tooling and fixtures to eliminate the gap between what an engine builder assumes is correct and what it actually correct.

The guys talk about the importance of geometry, fit and alignment, and how to go about making sure what you think you’ve blueprinted matches the finished block.

They also share a couple of stories about problems they discovered and how they fixed them. And, we find out that Keith Dorton could live just fine without an iPhone, but not his CNC machine.

(Note, this segment was recorded on a live shop floor, so there is some background noise. You might want to turn your volume up.)

Segment originally aired live on January 12, 2024

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