Episode 16 – Advanced Tech Feature: 3D Printing and Digitizing Parts

2023-12-28T10:34:07-08:00July 10, 2022|Mini Series, Season 2, Tech Features|0 Comments

In this segment Lake and Joe sit down with Charles Navarro, President of LN Engineering to talk about 3D printing both for rapid prototyping and building working engine parts.

They discuss the various technologies, 3D modeling and digitizing software and printers now available for engine builders at a modest cost. They also go through a number of examples of specialty tools, engine and aftermarket parts LN Engineering “print” for the performance industry.

Following the advanced tech feature, we head out to California to wrap up the segment with the presentation of the Engine Performance Expo Lifetime Achievement Award to hot rod legend Ed “Isky” Iskenderian, who, coincidentally, turned 101 years old today (July 10, 2022).

(This segment originally aired live on October 14, 2021)

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