Episode 47 – Cross Hatch Angle and Surface Finish

2022-12-27T09:59:19-08:00December 28, 2022|Mini Series, Season 2, Tech Features|0 Comments

In episode 47 Lake Speed Jr is joined by Keith Jones for a lesson on two terms often confused but unrelated – Cross Hatch Angle and Surface Finish. Keith explains each and its role in performance engines (hint: it’s all about oil).

After Keith’s class, we return in-studio with Joe, Lake and the guys from Calico Coatings to talk about surface coatings and finishes, and the five things they’re designed to prevent – heat, wear, friction, erosion, and corrosion.

For the final segment of the episode, we head down the road to see Jay Abraham and Universal Tool & Engineering to see how they’re using CNC machines to bend tubing and pipes to make everything from chassis to headers.

Episode originally aired live on January 14, 2022

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