Episode 16 takes us into seat and guide machining with lots of insight on speeds and feeds from the industry’s top engine builders. The episode starts at Straub Technologies with the basics of the Rottler SG9 series CNC before jumping to machinist Anthony Franco at Larry’s Auto Machine who shows us the precision concentric cutting made possible with a variable speed spindle.

Then we head off to BES Racing to talk to Tony Bischoff and get a demo of his competition valve job on a Chevy big block before jumping over to MPR Racing Engines and Tyler Eicchorn for another demo on a Coyote block.

Finally, we return to the studio where Chris Straub sits down with the legendary John Callies to talk about his contribution to the Pontiac racing program and the evolution of the modern head today. Along the way Callies reveals a few fun and interesting stories, including the fierce rivalry between Chevy and Pontiac as well as how the big block wound up in a Pontiac in the first place (hint: Canadians were involved).