Expo 2023 -Episode 14 – Roundtable: Industry Economic Outlook

2023-03-06T14:26:12-08:00March 7, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions|0 Comments

Host Joe Castello sits down with a slate of Captains of the Performance Engine Industry – David Bianchi (Rottler Manufacturing), Scooter Brothers, Randy Neal (CWT Industries) Charles Navarro (LN Engineering), Chris Straub (Straub Technologies), and Lake Speed Jr – to get their take on the state of the economy and its current and future impact on business.

With great insight on why the industry is doing well now, there’s also some caution regarding what problems in the supply chain and inflation may bring in the future. Ultimately the guys break down why it’s the Roaring 20’s in 2023, and why the racer’s answer to obstacles can be summed up in three words: “hold my beer”.

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