Expo 2023 – Episode 42 – Tech 101 Feature: Crankshaft Design

2023-06-01T09:22:29-07:00June 2, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Tech Features|0 Comments

For episode 42, we step into the classroom with “professor” John Callies for a technical deep dive into crankshafts.

Starting with the basic nomenclature, features, and differences between standard and racing cranks, and taking us all the way through the specifics of crank grinding and re-work tolerances, Callies delivers a treasure trove of knowledge and insight like only he can.

In this video you’ll learn about the tools he uses, his do’s and don’ts, and some of the incredible tips & tricks he’s collected over his half-century of building winning engines.

Bookmark this one. It’s an episode you’ll definitely be going back to again and again.

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