Expo 2023 – Episode 49 – Product Sneak Peek: VEPR Small Block Package “Mayhem”

2023-06-22T10:27:51-07:00June 23, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Spotlight|0 Comments

Straub Technologies’ Chris Straub drops by the EPE studio with James Goad (AKA Street Outlaws’ Reaper) to give a sneak peek at a new cylinder head package for big inch Chevy small block pump gas motors.

Chris details how they designed the Velocity Enhanced Port Range (VEPR) “Mayhem” package so that a guy can disassemble his 23° small block over the weekend and have a 700HP 18° motor by dinner on Sunday night – all without breaking the bank.

James adds his own thoughts on why he thinks the package is great for those who haven’t “swallowed the LS pill,” and reveals what he’s doing with the Mayhem kit in his own engine build.

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