Expo 2023 – Episode 55 – Engine Builder Interview: Dennis Borem

2023-07-13T10:50:16-07:00July 14, 2023|2023, Engine Builder Interviews, Mini Series|0 Comments

In another joint episode with the Hidden Horsepower Podcast, Joe Castello and Lake Speed Jr welcome rockstar engine builder Dennis Borem of PME Engines to talk about the re-build and dyno run of one of Lake’s dad’s old Ford C3 Engines.

Initially expecting to get around 700HP from the engine, it came back with an underwhelming sub-500HP, so the guys got to work on re-building it with stock parts and a lot of help from some of their friends.

Dennis and Lake tell some stories about the issues they ran into and how they solved them before sharing the video of the final series of dyno runs and what the old engine finally achieved.

(If you’d like to see the full video of the dyno run, check it out on Total Seal’s YouTube Channel here.)

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