Expo 2024 – Episode 34: Engine Builder Hall of Fame Inductions (Part 2)

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To open Episode 34 we return to the Expo studio for a quick chat about the previous episode (camshafts for boost vs NA) and Billy Godbold and EFI University’s camshaft class.

Then we jump to the second half of the Engine Builder Hall of Fame’s inaugural class covering the industry’s standout performance engine builders from 1955 to the turn of the century (check out episode 15 of Expo 2024 for the WWII-era inductees).

For the 1956 to 1999 class, the inductees were Ed Pink, Holman & Moody, Bob Glidden, and John Lingenfelter.

Announced at Expo 2023, the Engine Builder Hall of Fame honors the heroes of the engine building business as measured by their impact on the development of engine technology, and their enduring industry legacy through the years.

To see all the inductees, get the latest news and learn about the criteria for admission into the Engine Builder Hall of Fame, visit: https://www.enginebuilderhalloffame.com.

(Segment originally aired live on January 12, 2024)

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