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Expo 2023 – Episode 41 – Engine Builder Interview: Steve Morris

2023-05-29T09:19:24-07:00May 30, 2023|2023, Engine Builder Interviews, Mini Series|

In a joint episode with the Hidden Horsepower Podcast, we sit down for an interview with the King of Boosted, Steve Morris of Steve Morris Racing Engines.

Expo 2023 – Episode 39 – Roundtable Discussion: Surface Finish

2023-05-25T10:34:51-07:00May 26, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions|

Capping off our cylinder honing & finishing series, our expert panel discusses the secrets to getting the right surface finish and boosting engine performance

Expo 2023 – Episode 38 – Advanced Teach Feature: Cross Hatch Angle

2023-05-22T15:35:38-07:00May 23, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Tech Features|

Lake Speed Jr takes us to Rottler Mfg. HQ for an advanced course in honing cross hatch angle & why it's a part of what Lake likes to call the “ring seal soup.”

Expo 2023 – Episode 37 – Whiteboard: Cylinder Surface System

2023-05-19T08:42:06-07:00May 19, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Tech Features, Whiteboard Sessions|

Lake Speed Jr is joined by Mark Malburg of Digital Metrology for a whiteboard session on cylinder finishes and visualizing them with a profilometer and software

Expo 2023 – Episode 36 – Advanced Tech Feature: Roughness vs Waviness

2023-05-15T13:23:34-07:00May 16, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Tech Features|

This episode is an advanced class in roughness vs waviness, and why understanding waviness in critical to ensuring uniform clamping force on today's MLS gaskets

Expo 2023 – Episode 35 – Product Spotlight: Point One Manufacturing

2023-05-11T10:48:18-07:00May 12, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Spotlight, Tech Features|

Joe Castello, Ben Strader, and Billy Godbold sit down with Kevin Feeny of P1 to talk about the company’s new line of high performance studs and fasteners

Expo 2023 – Episode 33 – Engine Builder Interview: Greg & Aaron Stanfield

2023-05-04T09:54:14-07:00May 5, 2023|2023, Engine Builder Interviews, Mini Series|

In another joint episode with the Hidden Horsepower Podcast, Joe and Lake sit down for an interview with NHRA father and son legends, Greg and Aaron Stanfield

Expo 2023 – Episode 32 – Tech 101: Bore Geometry & Clamp Load

2023-05-01T10:58:39-07:00May 3, 2023|2023, Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Tech Features|

Rottler Manfacturing’s Ed Kiebler shows us why clamp load simulating what the cylinder experiences in the engine is key to honing the proper bore geometry

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