Episode 15 – Engine Builder Interview : Scooter Brothers

2023-12-28T10:35:13-08:00July 3, 2022|Engine Builder Interviews, Mini Series, Season 2|0 Comments

In a joint episode with the Hidden Horsepower podcast, Lake Speed Jr and Joe Castello sit down with SEMA Hall of Famer Scooter Brothers to talk about Scooter’s incredible impact on the racing industry.

Scooter talks about his beginnings straight out of the Navy, his early career with Racing Head Service, how he gave Doug Yates his first job, and all of the incredible performance engine industry names Scooter has worked with and mentored (including Lake).

Along the way Scooter talks his passion for competition in life, and how that has helped him build so many successful businesses, ranging from COMP Cams to Driven Racing Oil. He also reveals a number of secrets to his success that anyone looking to build their own business in this industry will definitely benefit from.

Episode originally air live on October 14, 2021.

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