Episode 23 – Parts Supply Rountable Discussion

2023-12-28T10:28:02-08:00August 28, 2022|Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions, Season 2|0 Comments

This episode is all about the strategies performance engine industry leaders are using to overcome the challenges the pandemic created.

In a roundtable discussion lead by Expo host, Joe Castello, the boys from Straub Technologies, Mahle, Goodson, LN Engineering, and Total Seal talk about everything from supply chain disruptions and the shift away from just in time inventory, to strategies they’re using to limit the effects of inflation and employee shortages.

This timely and informative session has plenty of great ideas and business strategies to succeed in the industry regardless of whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or racer.

Episode was originally broadcast live on October 14, 2021

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