Episode 29 – Head Porting, Seats & Guides

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In this episode we head over to the Straub Technologies shop floor to join Chris, Jayden and Ed Kiebler for a discussion and demonstration on how we get horsepower through CNC porting of the cylinder heads. We learn about the math to calculate converting CFM to horsepower as well as how to find the right balance of CFM and velocity.

After that the guys head over to the seat & guide machine for a demo on the do’s and don’t of cutting & honing seats and guides to achieve the best efficiency.

After the demo, we return to the studio with Lake and Joe where they’re joined by Rich O. of Goodson to talk about tooling and tool selection to properly complete an engine build (hint: it’s all about the right tool for the job).

Originally aired live on January 13, 2022

Show note: there is a lot of equipment noise in the background of the shop segment. You may have to raise the volume on your speakers to hear the guys clearly in some portions of the demo.

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