Episode 40: Day 3 Closing Roundtable

2022-12-08T10:47:21-08:00December 11, 2022|Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions, Season 2|0 Comments

In the final session of Day 3 of the Expo, Lake and Joe are joined by Keith Dorton, Ben Strader, Mike Mucha, and Mark Cronquist for a freestyle conversation on everything from why losing a race is sometimes more memorable than winning, to how a parts failure make can make the part better in the long run.

The boys tell a few stories about the past, and make some predictions about where the industry is going with electric motors, more sustainable fuels, and advanced lubrication technologies, as well as the impact motor sports has on other industries such as commercial vehicles, the military, and industrial equipment.

The episode closes with what type of knowledge these giants hope to pass along to a new generation of performance engine builders and innovators.

Episode originally aired live January 13, 2022

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