Expo 2021 – Episode 3: Block Machining

Our trip in the Wayback Machine continues with a deep dive into block machining with the Rottler F69A CNC machine.

The episode begins with Host Joe Castello and CNC Blockworks’ Embry Harrick on the shop floor giving an intro to the Expo engine the guys are building beginning with a Dart LS block freshly unboxed and loaded on the CNC.

Then (04:30 in the episode) we head on over to BES Racing Engines to get an inside look at how BES machinist Brian Tell decks and bores a Chevy LT4 being fitted for Dart sleeves.

After BES we swing on over to Mooresville, NC and Robert Yates Racing Engines (19:10 in the episode) to see machinist David Bullock and see how they perform thrust cutting on a Ford FR9 NASCAR small block.

Finally, we return to the studio (34:40 in the episode) where Joe Castello and Embry Harrick are joined by Chuck Lynch of AERA Engine Builders Association to hold a live Q&A session on block machining with the viewing audience.

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