Expo 2021 – Episode 33: Lifter Bushings Part 1 – Installation

2023-11-22T14:32:49-08:00November 24, 2023|Featured Engine Build, Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Season 1|1 Comment

This episode is a deep dive into lifter bushing installation.

We begin with a live segment at CNC Blockworks where CNC’s Logan Miles is joined by Rottler’s Ed Kiebler and Morel’s John Callies to walk through the process of installing CHE keyway lifter bushings for the Morel lifters going into the Expo LS engine.

The guys go through all the steps, tools, feeds and speeds for boring, bushing installation and orientation, and second bore to get to the final dimensions.

The segment closes with the CNC Blockworks guys showing the audience how it’s done.

(Episode originally aired live on January 9, 2021)

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