Expo 2021 – Episode 35: John Callies Interview

2023-11-27T10:16:09-08:00November 28, 2023|Engine Builder Interviews, Mini Series, Season 1|0 Comments

In one of our first Engine Builder Interviews, Expo MC Joe Castello sat down with the legendary John Callies to talk about his amazing career in motorsports.

Among the many topics, John told the improbably story of the way he turned a Pontiac Fiero, a small, four cylinder “fun” car in 1983, into a 232HP pace car for the 1984 Indianapolis 500.

It was an act that would transform the Fiero from what was developed as an economy vehicle into a performance machine. It would also launch John on an amazing career as the head of Pontiac Motorsports.

The episode concludes with John firing up his current “personal project”, a 1937 Fiat Simca capable of reaching a whopping 235MPH in the mile.

An amazing interview with one of the greats of motorsports.

(Episode originally aired live on January 9, 2021)

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