Expo 2023 – Episode 24 – Roundtable: Machining Best Practices

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Following the Rottler EM45 reveal in the previous episode, Lake Speed Jr and Joe Castello sit down with LN Engineering’s Charles Navarro, Rottler’s Ed Kiebler, Choate Performance Engineering’s Cass Choate, and Billy Godbold of Godbold Engineering to talk about the advances in engine machining and what they’ve learned along the way.

Key among the takeaways from the guys is that the level of sophistication in CNC equipment has reached such a level in the industry that even someone with zero experience can operate the equipment with a minimum of training.

More importantly, the entire industry is moving toward automation, but it isn’t replacing basic skills. Rather, engine builders with a fundamental understanding of the craft can focus on building better engines rather than learning how to operate complicated machinery.

(We also learn that watching YouTube videos can be dangerous.)

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