Expo 2023 – Episode 35 – Product Spotlight: Point One Manufacturing

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Joe Castello, Ben Strader, and Billy Godbold sit down with Billy’s old boss, Kevin Feeny of Point One Manufacturing to talk about the company’s new P1 line of studs and fasteners designed specifically for performance engine builders.

Point One is a 50 year old manufacturer specializing in high tech, high performance parts manufacturing. A vertically integrated manufacturer, the company buys only certified raw materials and performs its own testing and analysis to ensure its products meet the company’s exacting standards.

Feeny explains how the company’s control of the entire manufacturing process – from research and design to manufacturing and packaging – and long experience in producing high end components, tool and die, allow Point One to deliver fasteners and studs that are lighter and stronger than any other.

The company’s name, Point One, is the embodiment of its standards: 99.9% isn’t good enough, it’s that .1% that sets them apart.

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