Episode 19 – Engine Builder Interview: George Bryce

2023-12-28T10:30:32-08:00July 31, 2022|Engine Builder Interviews, Season 2|0 Comments

Last Episode Lake Speed Jr visited with George Bryce to talk about the history of the V-Twin. In this episode, George comes in studio with Joe and Lake to talk about the history of George Bryce.

During the interview George shares stories of his early days in Pro Stock Racing as part of the Winston team and talks about his self-described “disease” that drives him to seek more horsepower from every cubic inch in an engine. George also shares his own insights on the racing mentality, his approach to engine building, and his unyielding quest to build the best engines possible.

George also has his own YouTube channel where he shares his tips & tricks each week. His show airs live each Tuesday at 6PM Eastern. You can watch all the episodes right here: Tech Talk Tuesdays with Star Racing and George Bryce

This episode originally aired live on October 14, 2021.

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