Episode 34 – Engine Builder Interview: Keith Dorton

2022-11-12T13:15:17-08:00November 13, 2022|Engine Builder Interviews, Season 2|0 Comments

In a joint episode with the Hidden Horsepower podcast, Joe Castello and Lake Speed Jr sit down for a conversation with racing legend Keith Dorton. Keith tells some amazing stories about getting fired young and starting Automotive Specialists, the early days of NASCAR and finding ways to get horsepower back in the restrictor plate era, and his Daytona 500 win.

During a live Q&A session with the viewing audience, Keith also talks about the difference between circle track and Bonneville racing and reveals how his engine innovation ideas come to him.

After the interview, the episode concludes with a tutorial from Lake on gapless piston rings and how to get more power with them.

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