Episode 17 – Time is Money: Putting Tech and Automation to Work in the Shop

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In this segment Lake Speed Jr talks with Chris Straub of Straub Technologies about leveraging technology to make your shop more efficient, produce better quality and be more profitable.

As a demonstration, Lake heads down to the shop floor to see how two of Chris’s guys and some machinery can do align boring, hone, port heads, surface a deck, and do valves – the work of 10 to 12 people a decade ago – all at the same time and with greater efficiency and profitability.

At the end of the segment Chris joins host Joe Castello, Charles Navarro of LN Engineering, and Rottler’s Ed Keibler in studio for a round table discussion.

They discuss finding qualified staff in a time of staff shortages, and putting automation and technology to work for you in your shop so even if you can’t make more time, you can make more money in the time you have.

Episode originally aired live on October 14, 2021

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