Episode 55 – Roundtable: Day 4 Wrap-up and Show Close

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In the final roundtable of the 2022 Engine Performance Expo, Lake and Joe are joined by Tony Bischoff, Billy Godbold, Ben Strader and Gary Stinnett for a wrap-up discussion on the event.

Among the many takeaways from the guys is the value of interacting with industry colleagues and how the creative energy makes them all better engine builders. They talk about how they each came into the industry and how showing up and getting involved ended up rewarding them.

One other big takeaway the panel notes is the shift away from keeping winning techniques close to the vest to openly sharing what they’ve learned (both good and bad) and giving back to an industry which has given them so much. This “open sourcing” of new ideas is helping invigorate a new generation of engine builders and making the motorsports industry better, more collaborative, and more fun.

Episode originally aired live on January 14, 2022

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