Episode 36 – Mechanical Fuel Injection with Ron Shaver

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For episode 36, Lake Speed Jr goes to Southern California, the home of Ron Shaver and Shaver Specialty Engines, to learn about mechanical fuel injection.

Ron takes Lake through the basics of mechanical fuel injectors, which are essentially unchanged since their arrival in racing in 1949, but still the source of a lot of confusion for those who are new to it. Ron eliminates the black magic from fuel injectors by breaking down the components and establishing a baseline setup that anyone can work from to make the proper mechanical adjustments and get top performance from their injection system – even while they’re at the track.

After the Shaver segment, Lake heads back to the studio at Straub Technologies for a series of tech chip tutorials on some of the components they’re using in the Expo’s engine build.

Lake talks with Mahle’s Dan Begley from Mahle to talk about the new series of LS bearings and gaskets they’re using in the engine build. Then he sits down with Silver Seal’s Jeff Havens to see the new oiler they’ll be using to get the oil distributed evenly (no more drills!).

Finally, the episode closes with Lake and EFI University’s Ben Strader discussing the new ATI Racing Supercharger Super Dampers they’re putting on their boosted LS.

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