Episode 7 – How Speeds, Feeds & Lube Affect Surface Finish (Pt 2)

2023-12-27T11:17:22-08:00May 8, 2022|Machining How-to's, Mini Series, Season 2|1 Comment

In part 2 of our Speeds and Feeds episode (part 1 is here), we return for an in-studio question and answer session with Andy Rottler of Rottler Manufacturing, Randy Neal of CWT Industries, and Dave Monahan from Goodson. The three dive into the tools, tips and techniques they and their customers use to get the ideal finish and engine performance.

Packed with tons of knowledge, this is an excellent episode for shop owners, engine builders, racers, and enthusiasts looking to up their game.
Episode aired live on October 13, 2021.

(Please note there was some intermittent audio trouble during the recording of the broadcast.)

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